About Us

TAS Design and Craft Gallery is a functional art gallery that features thousands of North American artisan's crafts. Our mission is to bring a little celebration into your everyday life.


Our physical location is a functional art gallery of craft items. It features a few thousand exotic creations by the best North American artisans to excite your senses and awaken your inner artist. Many artists feature their work exclusively in our gallery so our collection is truly unique.


But it's a lot more than that. A lot of customers say they visit the gallery just because being there makes them happy. They often tell us how relaxing it is to be here. Perhaps it's the inviting music we play all day. Or the free-sprited opportunity to discover something beautiful and affordable.


Whatever it is, it's clear there's something for everyone, from the inspiration of our "monthly window" redesign to the excitement of treasure hunting for your nest.


Life is too short for blandness, so shop online or come down to our gallery to experience the color, beauty and charm of thousands of all american, handcrafted functional crafts.


TAS Design and Craft Gallery is lovingly nurtured by Trish Sadowsky.